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I thought it was about time to start writing and working with others , musing , getting feedback, lift up , revitalizing, yes you and you and you so feel free to stop on by , share a cup of joe or two, Ill share me, you can share you Muah! All writings here are property of LuvbabyLuv tm and of Myself, Cynthia LuvbabyLuv , original works

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Help Keep Art Alive

Help Keep Art Alive

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I felt the cravings but knew not what to crave.
My dreams were dreams , blurred by morning light.
Then I was awake

came into my life
The hunger I once only craved
Everything fine tuned the dreams no longer haze

Jan 3,2014  written by Me Cynthia LuvbabyLuv

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Change Your MInd , Change Your LIfe

I remember a young man, he was blind. 
One summer I watched as he learned to drive

I remember someone , myself in my youth. At times that person makes me sad , 
because of who I  WAS , but now Im me which ain't half bad.

I remember people places ,things. Some the same, some no longer here.
The ones changed for the good make me feel better, understood

It  really is  all in the mind. 
The who ,what ,when , ourselves , why

Change your mind , change your life.

Cynthia LuvbabyLuv

The Path

I came upon  a path almost unknown, weedy

and overgrown

A path once worn

 With slow or hastened pace

Into natures sunlit grace

I pondered where the path had lead

Were songs sung there or poems read

Where were the feet which walked
together or alone

A path yes  once walked seemed forgotten
no longer known

Yes I came upon a forgotten path weedy in the woods

I wondered and still do

Will the paths I am making become forgotten

Or will others follow , walking
upon them , never forgotten but  known

Cynthia LuvbabyLuv


Moments made make moments a road to the past

We should all watch our speed and make moments
that last

Cynthia LuvbabyLuv

Beautiful Starts

Each day a gift

Opened by a grateful heart

Gives way to a beautiful start

Cynthia LuvbabyLuv

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


She sees the light as it shines

She smiles and happiness envelopes her mind

She is in all that may apply fine

She sees the clouds on the horizon of her thoughts

She smiles

hiding her inner fight

Shell be alright

She struggles to see but the dark is immense

Sadness is her feel , to some it makes no sense

Soon the light will again shine

For a time , she will indeed be fine

Cynthia LuvbabyLuv

Monday, July 1, 2013

What A Great Place To Be

Have you stopped to look around
 at all the wonders
that abound

The trees that give us shade and  air to breath

Clouds, oceans,rivers,streams where water is given
for us to drink

The soil rich provides food for us to eat

The planet a home
for us to live
what a great place to be